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Rodbourne Cheney Primary School PTA Take on Fundraising Challenge for New Minibus

Rodbourne Cheney Primary School Parent Teacher Association have been working exceptionally hard over the past year with one goal in mind. A new minibus. The PTA achieved their goal by the end of the Summer term and are now looking forward to taking delivery on Tuesday 5th September, celebrating the start of the new academic year, by welcoming the new minibus.



At the beginning of the last academic year 2016-17 the PTA set themselves the challenge of raising money to be able to finally purchase the minibus that for many years they have been hoping for. The PTA refused to turn down a challenge like this, so they put their thinking caps on and a plan in place.

Rebecca Wright PTA Secretary Said:

“We held a number of events throughout the year, these were very well supported by pupils, parents, extended family and friends plus staff and local business, like Farmfoods, Purple Orchid and Simply Bliss.”

The PTA kicked off their fund raising year with Rodfest in September 2016, crowds gathered on the Rodbourne Cheney Primary School field to enjoy a day of live music and a barbecue. This got the PTA off to a fantastic start, raising over £2000. Their next big opportunity came at Christmas when they sold a range of items including decorative candles and word cloud pictures, which brought in almost £400.

Over £2000 was raised through discos which were held throughout the year, as well as a number of smaller events including carboot sales and bags4school, raising over £200. The final events of the year were the Summer Fair, which raised a further £1200, plus a pop-up tuck shop held after school, bringing in just short of £300.

The PTA also obtained a generous grant from Mid-Counties Co-operative for £2000, which they are very grateful for. By the last day of term, they had exceeded there target of £8000. This is a fantastic and incredible effort by the PTA, achieved in just one year. Now the children of Rodbourne Cheney will have the opportunity to explore different areas and enjoy more trips, with the minibus providing the mobility and freedom the school have been waiting for.

Rodbourne Cheney Primary School Principal Lisa Davies commented:

We are so excited to finally have a minibus, I can’t thank the PTA enough for their hard work and determination, as well as the local community for supporting all of the fundraising efforts. It has been such an aspiration for us to have a minibus for a very long time and we no longer have the worry of having to borrow one from another school, meaning we can plan more exciting trips and outings for the children.”

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