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Rodbourne Cheney Primary School
A willingness to learn leads to success

Newsflash: Our current value is Respect

Parents & Partnerships

Parents & partnershipsParents are welcome at Rodbourne Cheney Primary School and play an important part supporting children’s learning both inside and outside the classroom. We aim to build on the early experiences that children have had with his/her parents. We want the children to feel secure, valued and confident and for them to develop a sense of achievement through their learning in school. 

Throughout the year there are continuous opportunities for parents to find out about children’s learning at formal parents evening and more workshops when we near phonics screening time and other Government led standardised assessment times. 

We were thrilled to have several parents come and support our Values Based Education coffee morning, where we asked parents to help contribute to our VbE curriculum. We looked at ways the teaching of values will impact on children and also their families, as well as looking at how parents can support us in the teaching of values. Parents also contributed ideas to specific values, such as Peace.

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