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At Rodbourne Cheney, we feel that it is very important for children to have an awareness of both their rights and responsibilities as members of the school and the wider community. In order to give pupils a voice within the school, each year two children from each class are elected, by their peers, to become representatives on the school council.

School Councillors are expected to show the highest standards of behaviour and attitude in and out of school, in order to act as role models to other children. They also get the chance to meet with adults within the school in order to voice their opinions and ideas to keep the school moving forwards.

Our School Council Members

School Council Visit to Houses of Parliament

The School Council Visits The Houses of Parliament
Term 2 2017

At 8.00am on Monday 23rd November, twenty three very excited children and four adults jumped aboard a coach and headed off to London, for an Adventurer’s Tour of the Houses of Parliament.

On arrival at the gates we were totally in awe of the buildings. The grandeur is totally breath-taking. The presence of armed Police Officers did not phase any of us, in fact all of the Police Officers we encountered were super friendly.

We were met by our tour guides who gave us a visitor pass to wear. We then had to walk through a scanner and the adults bags were passed through an airport style X- Ray machine. This all sounds like a lot but the whole process was super speedy and over with in less than five minutes.
Westminster Hall which had the feel of Harry Potter’s Great Hall is the oldest and one of the few originals parts of the Palace of Westminster, having survived a huge fire in 1834.Westminster hall has served different purposes over the years.

It has been a place for feasts, entertainment and great state occasions, but also a courtroom where Guy Fawkes and William Wallace were tried. It was here also where Nelson Mandela addressed both houses of Parliament in 1996.

St Stephens Hall, which connects Westminster Hall to the Central Lobby, is stunning with its painted walls and many statues of early Kings and Queens of England and famous parliamentarians. The paintings depict various events in British history while the ten stained glass windows depict the arms of various parliamentary cities and boroughs.
The Queens Robing Room is where the Queen puts on the imperial State Crown and her ceremonial robes before making her way to the House of Lords for the annual State Opening of Parliament. The room is magnificent with an impressive gilded ceiling, fireplace and ornate decorations. Through a hidden door is the Queen’s private bathroom which houses the second oldest flushable toilet in the UK.

The highlight was being inside the chambers of the Houses of Commons and House of Lords. Both rooms are so much smaller than they appear on TV, with microphones hanging around the seating and speakers inside very seat. It was amazing to be in the place where all the bills, legislation and political decisions which impact us all are taken. The House of Lords certainly has the grandest interior, with the Queen’s golden throne taking centre stage.
We learnt so much about some of the processes of Parliament. For example it there is a ‘vote’ in Parliament a bell rings throughout the buildings and MPs then have 8 minutes to cast their vote. If they don’t’ make it, the door is slammed in their face. We all could imagine running down the lobby to cast their vote.

It was wonderful learning about past Prime Ministers, Kings and Queens. We learnt that it was Winston Churchill that wanted to keep the House of Commons designed as it is today, with two parties facing each other. He believed this would encourage strong debate which would help to create the best laws possible.
Our tour ended with a quick meet and greet with Justin Tomlinson MP for Swindon. We even staged our own mock election, with the ‘Science’ party beating the ‘Spelling’ and ‘Maths’ parties.

All too soon it was time to head back onto the coach for the journey home. What an incredible day!
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