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Keeping Traditional Tales Alive at Rodbourne Cheney

21 January 2020
Keeping Traditional Tales Alive at Rodbourne Cheney

Even though the children at our nursery are just beginning their educational journey, we want them to get to know stories they will remember for years to come. That’s why our nursery staff are making traditional tales a focus of our early years curriculum.

Every two weeks, our young learners are introduced to a new story. This story then informs activities for the following fortnight. For example, during the topic Goldilocks and the Three Bears, children and teachers made porridge and searched for the bears together.

Thanks to the planning and supervision of our wonderful nursery staff, the children become immersed in the world of traditional nursery rhymes. By taking them away to a magical place, fairy tales help instil inquisitiveness and wonder in our children, as well as teaching them important and helpful lessons about life. It is also simply a joy for our teachers to pass on the stories they cherished as children themselves.

At Rodbourne Cheney, we are determined to make sure our children don’t miss out on stories and nursery rhymes they can share with their parents and look back on as they grow older.

We think it’s fantastic that our nursery staff are making sure these stories aren’t forgotten. Long may the tradition of storytelling continue!

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