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Literacy Leads the Way at Rodbourne Cheney

23 December 2019
Literacy Leads the Way at Rodbourne Cheney

Reading is a fundamental life skill. That’s why, at Rodbourne Cheney Primary School, our curriculum is literacy led.

Without good literacy skills, children can often find their progress is inhibited in other subjects as well. It is therefore crucial for our children to learn the reading skills they will rely on throughout their whole lives.

The journey starts with our nursery curriculum, which is based around a different traditional tale every week. This gives our children a taste of the joy of storytelling.

As they move into primary school, each class, from reception to year 6, studies a different book every term. In the 2019 winter term, for example, our year 6 students read The Snow Queen by Hans Christian Andersen. The theme was capped off by a guest performance of the famous fairy tale by a visiting theatre company in early December.

We have found that by focussing our lesson plans around book-based topics, we are better able to spark our pupils’ interest in learning as they become engaged in the stories they are being introduced to.

Furthermore, by learning how to enjoy reading, our children gain a skill that will both help them in their education and enrich their whole lives, giving them an invaluable resource to continue learning even as adults.

Beginning this term, we will be introducing an exciting new scheme to encourage reading at home as well as at school. Keep your eyes peeled for updates!

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