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Make Way for Millie the Unicorn

21 January 2021
Make Way for Millie the Unicorn

It’s not often that we get to have a say about what gets sold at a national supermarket. Our year 2 pupil Millie has done just that!

After visiting the store with her parents, Millie was very disappointed by how, among all the decorated biscuits on sale, there weren’t any of what she was interested in, like mermaids or unicorns.

Together with her parents, Millie took it on herself to write a letter to the supermarket’s head office. In response, Waitrose have now promised to create a brand-new biscuit, Millie the Unicorn, that will be sold at Waitrose shops around the country.

At Rodbourne Cheney, we are proud to educate confident, hard-working, and imaginative children. Using her initiative to make a change at her local supermarket, Millie is a fantastic example of that!

Finally, we’d like to thank Waitrose for following up the letter, we can’t wait to take a bite of this new biscuit! You can order one here:

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