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Sharing Stories with Snuggle-up Sundays!

6 January 2020
Sharing Stories with Snuggle-up Sundays!

For many, bedtime stories feature in some of their most cherished memories from childhood. At Rodbourne Cheney, we want our pupils to have those same heart-warming memories as they grow up.

Sharing a good story is a wonderful experience that gives parents and carers a great opportunity to bond with their children. It also helps children improve their literacy, better preparing them to learn at school.

We know it can sometimes be difficult for parents to find the time and energy to read stories with their children at home. So, to take some of the pressure off parents, we’ve planned a new initiative that makes getting children into reading a little easier.

Every week, starting this Sunday, a different member of staff will record themselves reading one of their favourite stories. The videos will then be uploaded on our Twitter and Facebook accounts, allowing parents to watch the video with their children and help them read along.

Learning to read with confidence is an essential part of every child’s education that helps them in every aspect of their life. It is important for our children to practise at home as well as in school, and that’s where parents and carers come in.

At our school, we’ve organised our curriculum to engage pupils through stories and narratives. By also encouraging children to read books at home, we hope to help them enjoy reading and make it less challenging for them to practise.

We’d like to thank all our wonderful staff for their great contributions. We can’t wait to see what you’ve put together. To stay up to date with all our Snuggle-up Sundays videos, make sure you keep an eye on our Twitter page.

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