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Turning Back the Clocks for History Dress-Up Day

14 February 2020
Turning Back the Clocks for History Dress-Up Day

You’ve heard of non-uniform days, but what about a History Dress-Up Day?

On Tuesday 4th February, our pupils came into school wearing costumes inspired by the periods of history they were learning about in class.

Each year group was encouraged to dress according to a theme that corresponded with the topics they had been studying throughout the term. The year groups and their topics were as follows:

Reception — Dinosaurs

Year 1 — Kings and Queens

Year 2 — Victorians

Year 3 — Tudors

Year 4 — Vikings

Year 5 — Ancient Mesopotamians

Year 6 — Ancient Greeks

With such an array of beautiful costumes to see, visiting Rodbourne Cheney Primary School last Tuesday was like taking a step into the past.

Our plans for the day included a costume parade, where pupils got to show off their impressive outfits. We also made a timeline with our pupils based on their different costumes, progressing from the age of the dinosaurs all the way to the Victorians.

At Rodbourne Cheney, theming is a big part of our curriculum. It helps get our pupils excited about their education and provides additional structure and context to their learning. It also allows us to put together fun and engaging themed activities, such as History Dress-Up Day, that make our school an exciting and enjoyable part of our pupils’ lives.

Recently, as part of the topics they were studying, years 1 and 2 visited Windsor Castle. We had a really fun time and it was great to introduce our young pupils to such an important part of our national history.

We would like to thank all of the wonderful parents in the school community for helping our pupils get ready for this extra-special non-uniform day!

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