At Rodbourne Cheney Primary School, we deliver a carefully designed curriculum that encourages pupils to embrace and utilise new technology in an evolving digital world. A theory-based approach combined with practical sessions underpins our curriculum to allow our pupils to understand the concepts of computational thinking and implement their skills in real world contexts while maintaining their online safety.

We want our children to become confident users of computational thinking which will enable them to solve problems using creativity, resilience and critical thinking skills. Once this foundation of knowledge has been established, we aim for our pupils to become confident, independent and digitally literate technology users through quality teaching and a variety of software and apps. At Rodbourne Cheney, pupils are supported and challenged at every stage of their learning, while ensuring that our curriculum is accessible to every child.

During their time at Rodbourne Cheney, we want our pupils to gain a breadth of experience that enables them to become digitally literate, develop their understanding of themselves as responsible digital citizens and operate confidently in the 21st century workplace.

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